About Us

Distract Chicago Productions LLC is a professional video production company based right here in Chicago, Illinois. We specialize in working with local businesses and artists to create compelling, high quality content quickly and affordably.

Distract Chicago Productions LLC was founded by three indepedent filmmakers who wanted to bring the techniques they learned in the low budget world to people and businesses that could truly benefit from them. Distract Chicago Productions LLC strives to work as quickly as possible in order to keep costs down, while still maintaining the same level of quality found on traditional broadcast levels.

Distract Chicago Productions LLC works extensively on the we, and knows how to make videos that play well on these emerging media platforms. Looking forward, we even run our own internet media outlet DistractChicago.com and produce content for it every week. We want to build DistractChicago.com into a place where local businesses, events, and artists can directly connect with local customers and audiences.

Distract Chicago Productions LLC was founded in the summer of 2011 by Dan Finnen, Derek Cox, and Darik Hall. Since then we've been quickly expanding and assembling an ever growing network of talented actors, videographers, editors, writers, and directors to help you create your vision.

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