Chicago Actor Video Services

Being an actor in Chicago can be tough, especially if you're trying to break into the film or television industry. We're here to help with a series of competively priced video services that cater to actor's needs. Whether you need a demo reel, a taped audition, or a monologue filmed, we can do it quickly and effeciently. Prices are listed at the bottom of the page. To set up your appointment, email Dan at dan (at) and we'll be in touch!

Actor Demo Reels

Demo reels consist of footage from commercials, television spots, and films that the actor was previously in, edited together to show off the actor's skill and versitality. These reels give a casting agent a better idea of how an actor looks on camera and what they can do. Fast paced, professional demo reels greatly improve the professionalism of an actor's online portfolio and are a great tool when auditioning for projects based in other cities such as Los Angeles or New York.

The process for creating your own reel is simple. First, collect footage and video files from all the projects you've been in previously. You will need the actual file (such as .mov, .avi, and .mp4 files), but in case you can't retrieve it we do offer DVD and YouTube ripping services. The more you have the better, so be sure to bring even those early student films you were in.

Once you have all your materials together you will sit down with one of our experienced editors, who will put together the reel for you. The editor will work with you to make sure you're presented in the best light possible and in the way you prefer. After this session, the editor will finish sound, color, and graphics, then send you the final product. The final product will be given to you as HD video files optimized for online playback.

Your resume is always changing, and that's why we make it easy to update your reel at any time. Simply contact Distract Chicago and we'll set a up a time to meet with your editor again and insert the new footage. The first update is completely free, and further updates are available for a small fee.

Below is an example of one of our actor reels:

If you're looking to break into film and don't have much previous video to draw from, never worry. We can film and and add an intro of you (like in the reel above), or we can create new scenes from scratch to add to your reel. Distract Chicago Productions has extensive experience shooting quickly, so it won't delay the production of your reel.

Filmed Monologues

Have your monologue shot and recorded by the pros at Distract Chicago Productions LLC. We handle lighting, sound, and editing, all you have to do is focus on your performance. We will film you on a backdrop in our studio, so nothing distracts from you. You'll have a professional filmed monologue to send to potential agents and jobs, wherever they may be. We will give you HD files optimized for onine sharing of the final product.

Filmed Auditions

Many studios, especially those based in LA, are now requiring that actors film their cold readings and audition instead of physically coming in. Rather than stressing out and trying to film yourself with your Macbook, let us do the work for you! We will film your readings on a backdrop in our studio, complete with professional lighting and audio. When you walk out of our studio you'll have a finished product ready to be shipped off.

For pricing, please email us for a free quote for your project. Thanks!

Actor Video Services