Online and Broadcast Advertisement Production

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Traditional media isn’t dead, but it certainly is much cheaper. Even if you’ve always been convinced television advertising is far too expensive for your company, you might be surprised at how affordable we can make a broadcast quality product for you. Long gone are the days where a simple ad costs tens of thousands of dollars, technology allows us to produce an ad on par with the big guys with none of the megacorporation budget.

In addition to creating advertising for television, also consider building an ad exclusively for the internet. Web video is a fantastic way of expanding your company’s online presence and reaching out to potential customers. Previous clients have had great success embedding video content into their website explaining and promoting their product.

Our creative team can help you come up with a concept for your advertisement, or if you already have a wider advertising campaign, we can work to create something that will fit in perfectly. Our goal is to get your message out as clear and precisely as possible. 

If you're intersted in working with us, email us at dan (at) and we'll start talking about your new ad.

Below are different ads we've completed for clients to show what we can do.  

Mystery Tackle Box Ad - Christmas 2012

Mystery Tackle Box Ad #3

Mystery Tackle Box Ad #2

Dan Lornitis - Comedy Hypnotist

Mystery Tackle Box Ad #1

Doritos Spec Ad

Betfair Spec Ad

Zappos Spec Ad - Sweaters

Zappos Spec Ad - Boots

Actor Video Services