Music Video Production

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Are you a band or musician that wants a professional music video but can’t afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on production? Have a concert or performance you want taped? Whether you need us to take it from concept to distribution or you just need some video professionals to make your vision a reality, Distract Chicago Productions LLC is here to help.

Distract Chicago Productions LLC is experienced at creating professional level content quickly and for as little cost as possible. We believe that a great music video goes a long way in drumming up an audience online and making a band professional.

The following are the services we offer musicians from generally cheapest to most expensive.
Rehearsal Video Recording
Performance Video Recording
Simple Music Video
Complex Music Video
Big Budget Music Video

When you hire us to do your music video, we will take care of both shooting and editing. You will receive a complete video in whatever format you need (DVD, web video, etc.) If you would like us to, we can also write and prepare the video as well.
If you’re interested, just send an email our way and we’ll get started!

Below we've embedded some of the videos that we've created for bands in the past.

'Finding Me' by Wooden Rings

'Hasta El Fin Del Mundo' by Mazizo All-Starz

'The Dying Anthem' by Illusions Fate

'1 Percenter' by Mike/M.I.Q.

'Makes My World Shine' by Keith Semple

'Both Times it was You' by Dan Miftari

'Never Give Up' by Bobby Lee

'Picture Me Like That' by Kirk

'Let's Get Fat Together' by Manny Capozzi

'Spin Doctor' by Keith Semple

'Terra Firma' by Specific Oceans

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