What We're Doing

Here's a look into the projects that we're currently working on outside of the projects we're hired to complete.


By far, our biggest current project right now is running DistractChicago.com and producing the shows that fuel it. DistractChicago.com is a local comedy website featuring several online shows, including News in a Minute, the Windy City Show, Ride the Future, and Muckrakers.

DistractChicago.com is focused local life in Chicago, and strives to make stuff that is perfect for making the morning train ride a bit more fun. Every week we come out with at least one new video and we're always striving to highlight the funniest and best of the Chicago community.

Our goal is for DistractChicago.com is become a premiere center for local information and entertainment. Using this site, we hope to connect businesses small and large to the people in their community, much in the way radio and television used to in their prime. If you're a business interested in exploring this new, exciting opportunity with us, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

Be sure to check back to the site regularly to see what crazy new adventures we find ourselves in. If you’re a business, charity, or local event interested in working with DistractChicago.com, let us know! We’d love to help you get your message out.



Join Drew and his team of correspondents as they track down all that is weird and wonderful about Chicago. Whether it's a beer pong tournament or kittenpalooza, you can be sure they're going to get the story and a lot of hugs.


News in a Minute is DistractChicago.com's biggest show, with a new episode premiering every Wednesday. Brett and Jaclyn host the only reliable source of local news, and they jam it all down into a minute (most of the time) for your viewing pleasure.


The second season of Muckrakers will be DistractChicago.com's first narrative webisode series, and one of our biggest projects yet. The new season will be arriving in mid to late February, but in the meantime you can get all caught up with Frank and Paul's misadventures in the first season.


Ride the Future is home to sketch comedy on DistractChicago.com. Always pushing boundaries and defying expecations, Ride the Future is one of the funniest and most unpredictable shows on DistractChicago.com.


We have tons of other shows in the works, and a whole mess of short vidoes as well. Many of our most random videos end up in the Grab Bag, so feel free to reach in if you're feeling brave.

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